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FMG for Artists - is a complex and global project for artists. Here at FMG we all passionate about creating art and know better than anyone else how hard it is to get discovered, keep everything under control and not to miss everything that belongs to you. We understand how freedom of choice is important for artists. We have been experienced in many artists' difficulties and helped them to make it through. We are all time online close friends, motivators and mentors for artists.

FMG(A) is divided into 2 tiers. Working with variety of brands, distributors, publishing administration companies provides us a branch of resources that we want to share with you. Each tier is designed for artists on a certain stage and provides limited services of FMG which can be expanded as the release succeeds.

Visual Production
Spotify & Radio Pitching
Global Rights Administration
Mixing & Mastering Service
Creative Support

Tier 2

Tier 1

visual production

Get an exclusive music video

global rights administration

Let our partners protect & collect royalties for your music worldwide

Spotify & Radio pitching

Get your music heard by tens millions of listeners all around the globe


As more people involved

in the release's success

we'll take extra %

Send your demos at:


Get your music on Spotify, TikTok, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Shazam and many others.


Reach more than 20 millions of potential listeners with FMG and partners.


Keep your image outstanding with custom artworks.


Keep the lion's share. Receive 70% of the earnings.